Hi! I’m Louis

Bottle-feeding a young grey-headed flying fox after a heat stress event. Photo credit: Doug Gimesy

I have been passionate about nature and conservation since watching Sir David Attenborough as a child. This led me on a path of volunteering with various conservation and wildlife research projects around the world. I started bird banding as a teenager, which directed my future research.

I did my undergraduate degree in ecology at the University of East Anglia & Otago University, where I looked at movement patterns of reintroduced South Island robins. I’ve also studied the behaviour of brent geese along their migration in Ireland and Iceland for my MCs with the University of Exeter. My PhD brought me to Australia to study cooperative breeding behaviour in Chestnut-crowned babblers in the outback.

I aspire to make the world a better place by living harmoniously with nature and working towards improving conservation awareness and outcomes. I am at my best in the field, doing data collection alongside wildlife.

Feeding a fledgling figbird after having its nest and siblings destroyed by a hedge cutter. Photo credit: Doug Gimesy

Hi! I’m Kiara

I’m a wildlife biologist with a passion for conservation. I did my undergraduate degree in forensic science and quickly realised the morbidity of human crime was not really for me. I diverted my interest from crimes against humans to those against animals.

I did an MSC in conservation & biodiversity and an MRes in biology and have found myself happiest in the field. I spend a lot of time rehabilitating sick and injured native fauna- I have the most experience handling birds (Catching, banding and pit-tagging for research projects). I have also gained experience with possums, flying foxes, reptiles, monotremes and roo joeys.

For my PhD, my research focussed on evolutionary trait expression in songbirds at a continental scale- specifically, I investigated why birds lay such ludicrously colourful eggs.

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